Felicioni boxes factory is on papermaking market since 1949 and boats of being the first to opertating in Monte Urano's area.

Specialized in the production of banded cardboard boxes stretched with personalized coatings and tissue and packaging in corrugaten carton.

Our lens are innovation and development. We make boxes to suit every kind of need: from footwear to clothing, leather goods, jewelry, objects, toys and more.

From ever we guarantee to our customers:

  • - competitive prices
  • - various boxes sizes
  • - possibility of coupling or painting boxes inside
  • - graphics study and design
  • - raw materials high quality
  • - fast and punctual deliveries
  • - large stores.

All sizes boxes

The company aims to build boxes in any size.

Particular products

Produce customized products to meet special needs and highly quality objects.
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